TinSlide 0.1.19

What is TinSlide?

TinSlide is a dependency-free Javascript content slider interface.

Why TinSlide?

Because you want to

Because you don't want to
click ... wait ... click ... ugh ... wait ... click ... roll eyes ... eat crisps ... get tired ... go to bed ...

Why not TinSlide?

Because you need a Javascript interface that's been thoroughly tested on every browser in the world. TinSlide is still in beta and has mainly been tested with Chrome and Firefox on MacOS, and with Safari on iOS during development.


yarn add tin-slide --save npm install tin-slide --save bower install tin-slide --save


As a module

import TinSlide from 'tin-slide';
TinSlide(document.getElementById('TinSlide'), {
  // Options.

Script tag

You can choose to load the script separately, or implement the script in your pre processor any way you like. <script src="node_modules/tin-slide/dist/tin-slide.js"></script>
  TinSlide(document.getElementById('TinSlide'), {
    // Options.


BrowserStack lets us test TinSlide on a wide range of browsers by using their physical devices for free. Thanks!